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Rachel C. in Radio Free Brooklyn Studio
Photo by Lit Riot Press

We are always looking for new weekly shows from people in the community. Right now, we are especially interested in:

  • Talk shows with a local (Brooklyn/NYC) focus
  • Talk and music shows focusing on local artists
  • Music shows that are specific to a genre underrepresented in the mainstream

Shows with a local focus are encouraged to apply to RFB2: LocalChords, our new all-local stream. We do not accept syndicated shows – we are only interested in original programming that is not currently available on other platforms.

Submit a Proposal

to Radio Free Brooklyn or RFB 2: LocalChords

Proposal Guidelines

Our priority is on live broadcasting from our studio. We do accept pre-recorded shows, but programming slots are limited.

Pre-recorded or live-from-home shows focusing on local content are encouraged to submit their show to our new stream: RFB2: LocalChords.

Proposals for pre-recorded shows must submit a demo URL

We are only looking for weekly shows. We cannot consider proposals for monthly or bi-weekly shows.

Radio Free Brooklyn
RFB2: LocalChords

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